Our Story + Mission



 We are proudly South Jersey's first exclusive eyelash extensions studio. We believe lashing is an art form, not just another service, and we've been setting the "lash" bar high since day one.


Cierra founded Doll The Lash Bar with 5 key elements in mind. Dedicated to maintaining the integrity of your natural lashes, safe + sanitary practices, offering and utilizing superior quality products, and creating lasting relationships + good vibes... it's no wonder why Doll has been the premier lash destination for the NJ-Philadelphia regions, since 2013. At Doll, all stylists are not only certified, but also licensed; the stylists' creativity spew from their passion, which means you are in great, creative hands. Careful, and expert design + placement is executed with each and every lash set. The company ensures that each Doll receives a top-notch experience from start to finish.
As the founder of Doll The Lash Bar, our mission has always been to create an experience where one would leave feeling rejuvenated, more beautiful, and more equipped to tackle the busy days ahead. We then created a lash-inspired apparel line, as an extension (pun intended) to our lash bar, to inspire lash enthusiasts to live their best lash life, in style. Whether you are a lash lover on-the-go or a lash stylist on her way to work, we believe rocking your love for lashes is a must! 
We are not only lash professionals, who love creating custom lash looks for each client, but we are also advocates for self-love + high vibes, which we believe compliment the lash life perfectly. 
Throughout the 14 years of helping women feel more beautiful and igniting self-confidence through the art of eyelash extensions, Cierra has been inspired and moved by so many of her clients' stories. On the surface, it was always obvious that her clients loved waking up to flawless lashes. But what led her to redefine the word 'doll' for lash lovers was what lied deeper, what lied beneath the surface; their zest for life, their resilience, the unique battles they've fought + won, their love for positive vibes and humanity, and any life-defining moment that has transformed them into the bad ass women they are today. These strong characteristics were truly admirable and a new definition for word "doll" was born.
"Truth be told, our Dolls are as bold as their lashes! Our brand is proud to celebrate one's love for lashes + badassness, equally.

Welcome to the Doll lifestyle!