Lash Aftercare

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Our adhesive needs 5 hours to completely bond and cure the eyelash extension to your natural lashes. If the lashes are exposed beforehand to moisture, it may result in a weaker bond and shorter lash retention.

  • Avoid showers, saunas, spray or airbrush tanning
  • No eye makeup
  • No rubbing eyes, or brushing the extensions
  • Avoid cooking over a hot pot
  • No tears
  • No workouts, or any activity that makes you sweat
  • No swimming
  • Avoid contact insertion


Your lashes are fully cured after 5 hours. You can now resume your normal lifestyle, with just a few things to stay mindful of:

  • Avoid excessive exposure to the above.
  • Clean lashes daily with our Lash Bath Foam Cleanser, or 2x per day if you you have oily skin or wear makeup. 
  • Utilize only lash compatible cosmetics. Xtreme Lashes cosmetics are perf!
  • Avoid waterproof cosmetics
  • Sleep on back (ideal) or sleep carefully on side
  • No stomach sleeping
  • Never brush lashes while wet, brush and fluff after lashes are dry
  • No touching, picking, pulling or styling extensions with your fingers
  • No mechanical or heated curlers



*Sometimes, certain medications can play a role in how the hair grows and sheds. Remember, lashes are hair and can be compromised as well. Please let your stylist know if you are taking any medications that are affecting your hair growth cycle.