Xtreme Lashes is the celebrity's choice in eyelash extensions. As the global leader in eyelash extensions industry, Xtreme prides itself in the most safe, trusted application procedures, ground-breaking cosmetic products, exceptional training provided worldwide, and extraordinary customer service and support. With decades of experience as a Registered Nurse, the company’s founder and president, Jo Mousselli, established the company’s foundation on the highest safety and sanitation procedures. Cierra agrees that when working so closely to the eyes, it is crucial for a lash stylist to be trained to the highest caliber in these areas. She admires the company’s dedication to preserving the overall health of the eye and integrity of eyelashes, which is why Xtreme is the brand of choice for Doll The Lash Bar.

Are you a new client with us?

All new clients are required to complete paperwork prior to lash service. For a quicker experience, come to your appointment prepared! Download and print your forms and bring them to your appointment already completed. This will shave 15 mins off of your appointment time!


The Doll Effect – Full Set

With up to 150+lashes per eye, NO NATURAL LASH IS LEFT BEHIND! Every one of your natural lashes will meet its lash extension match. For a lash look that will free you from your monotonous mascara and eyeliner routine every morning, this set is perfect for you!

$285 (Master Certified Stylist)
$250 (Certified Stylist)

The Dollbaby – Partial Set

With up to 40 lashes per eye, you will enjoy the winged cat-eye effect. This set accentuates the outer corner of your eyes. The lashes are then blended inward for a completed look. This “try-me” set is great for lash beginners, or for those who do not desire much fullness. The results are subtle, yet noticeable and Flirty!

$130 (Master Certified Stylist)
$105 (Certified Stylist)

The Upgrade*

Ready for more? Upgrade your set from The Dollbaby to The Doll Effect in just one appointment. By adding the maximum amount of lash extensions, your eyes will go from subtle to sultry! (This service is ONLY available for Doll clients who have previously received The Dollbaby. If you are a new client, please schedule The Doll Effect for a full set of lashes.)

$155+ (Master Certified Stylist)
$150+ (Certified Stylist)

*The Upgrade must be scheduled within 14 days of your most recent fill with us, or pricing will be adjusted. If you are a new client and are currently wearing lashes applied by a different salon, please schedule for the New Client Refresh.

New Client Refresh

If you are currently wearing lashes that were applied by a stylist outside of Doll The Lash Bar, we will need a bit more time to complete your lash refresh. Your appointment will include a thorough consultation and a full assessment of the lash application completed by your previous lash stylist. If a full removal is not necessary, your lash stylist will then proceed with an application of lash extensions.

$90+ (Master Certified Stylist)
$80+ (Certified Stylist)

Lash Refreshes

With lash refresh appointments once or twice monthly, your Xtreme Lashes will last indefinitely. During this appointment, all lash extensions that have grown out will be removed and replaced with new extensions. All immature lashes that have grown in will receive the proper eyelash extension.

1 Week $60+
2 Weeks $70+
3 Weeks $90+
4 Weeks $110+
(Master Certified Stylist)
1 Week $50+
2 Weeks $60+
3 Weeks $80+
4 Weeks $100+
(Certified Stylist)

Pricing may be adjusted due to poor lash retention, low quality work from another provider and/or corrective work used necessary to deliver your desired results. Prices are subject to change.

The Junior Certified Stylist level is for a limited time. The Xtreme Lash Certified Stylists are working diligently to hone their skills and build speed. Upon completion, they will graduate to the Certified Stylist Level, which reflects our general pricing.


Want to stand out from the crowd? Add just a hint of color to your lashes with eyelights! Colored lash extensions will make your eyes POP by complimenting your natural eye color, giving you the no-smudge solution to the must-have colored mascara looks, and creating themed looks that represent your favorite sports team, season, holiday, or any special event. With such a multitude of colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

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If you suffer from improperly applied eyelash enhancements, please do not attempt to remove them yourself. You can cause further damage to your lashes and the hair follicle. We can help to remove them safely. Unfortunately, we cannot reapply a new set on the same day as removal. Based upon the integrity of your lashes, your lash stylist will give you a professional recommendation to restore lash health and when to schedule for your next full set.

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