Cierra Curtis

Founder, Owner, Master Lash Stylist

Doll The Lash Bar was founded by Cierra L. Curtis, a beauty professional of 12 years. Cierra is a licensed cosmetologist, licensed cosmetology instructor, and an Advanced Certified Xtreme Lashes expert. Her “passion for lashing” began during her initial training with Xtreme Lashes back in 2007. Over the years, she has mastered the meticulous process of eyelash extension application and continues to fall more in love with it everyday. She is captured by the high level of intricacy involved, the creativity it allows her to express, and the jaw-dropping results it produces. As a former Xtreme Lashes Trainer, she was one of the few selected to travel nationwide, to train and inspire health/beauty professionals on the highly sought after Xtreme Lashes training programs.

Cierra has performed tens of thousands of lash applications over the past 10 years and still experiences a rush of excitement with every client, as she did in the beginning of her career. Her delicate touch coupled with the relaxing atmosphere helps assist her clients into “beauty sleep”. Shortly thereafter, her clients wake up to lashes that possess more length, volume, and curvature than they were born with; and with eyes that appear more youthful and attractive. Due to the eye-popping effect eyelash extensions create, many of her clients have happily done away with their traditional makeup routines. Cierra Curtis is beyond thrilled to provide a service that allows a woman to close her eyes, unwind from her everyday stressors, and wake up to renewed eyes, which inspire them to feel even more beautiful with wearing less makeup.

After so many years of intense passion, hard work, and sheer dedication to this art, Cierra launched Doll The Lash Bar in the heart of Cherry Hill, NJ in December 2013. She has created a place where women can go to get their eyes “dolled up” and leave with a new-found confidence. After training lash artists nationwide and 10 years as a Certified Xtreme Lashes Artist , Cierra knows the lash industry inside and out. Staying ahead of the curve, Cierra has embarked on a new journey- Microblading! She now holds two two certifications in the art of Microblading and loves the process of enhancing one's brows, one stroke at at time.

Brianna H.

Certified Lash Stylist

At the age of 12, Brianna discovered her passion for bringing out the beauty in all things around her. Upon her graduation of Washington Township High School, she attended PB Cosmetology School to become a licensed cosmetologist. Brianna's ambition and her desire to make all people feel beautiful led her to further her cosmetology skills by becoming certified in advanced areas of hair and makeup.

While styling the hair of one of her clients, Brianna noticed the amazing lashes her client was wearing. Her client advised Brianna that she was wearing Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions and the rest is history! Brianna enrolled and is now a Certified Xtreme Lash Stylist! She also appears on the Lash Stylist Directory on the Xtreme Lashes's website!

Her upbeat personality, her self-proclaimed love of technical procedures, and focus on detail makes Brianna an excellent addition to our team!

Shanta’ J.

Certified Lash Stylist

After graduating high school, Shanta' Jacobs earned her diploma in licensed Practical Nursing from Eastern Arts and Technology. After 8 years of working as a Practical Nurse, she then decided her next goal was to become a Certified Xtreme Lashes Stylist.

What inspired such a change? Shanta's love for the beauty industry and her passion to enhance a woman's natural beauty has been a fuel within for decades. Her philosophy is that highlighting a woman's natural beauty will open up her TRUE beauty. She wants women to feel confident in themselves by finding and embracing their own uniqueness. The eyelash extension techniques have inspired her, as she has found that there is no need for heavy eye makeup once eyelash extensions are applied.

Shanta' was initially impressed by Xtreme Lashes's impeccable reputation in the beauty industry and that the founder of Xtreme Lashes, Jo Mouselli, is a nurse like herself! Shanta' believes you should live with no regrets and immediately signed up for her lash training course in June 2015. After completing her certification, her obsession with lashing continued to grow. Seeing each client wake up seamlessly lashed motivated her to absorb more knowledge and further hone her skill. Her passion continues to grow, as her attention to detail and creative mind take over to create beautiful lashes for each and every client.

Shanta's history in nursing combined with her solid foundation in the anatomy and physiology of the eyes, ensures that her clients are receiving a customized look applied with the safest eyelash application techniques.

We are excited to have Shanta join us on her new journey in the beauty industry!

Shante J.

Lead Customer Service Assistant

Shante is our Lead Customer Service Assistant. She feels that she has finally found her niche working within the beauty industry. After graduating from Overbrook Senior High, she enrolled in William Paterson University and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. She tried out various career paths, but decided it was time to turn her true passion into a career. After almost 2 years as a receptionist at Doll The Lash Bar, Shante has built lasting relationships with our clients and has been working her magic behind the scenes ever since!

Shante is currently enrolled at The Rizzieri Aveda Institute to earn her esthetician's license. She is looking forward to the become a future Lash Stylist with us, as she loves work that allows her creative juices to flow. She hopes to continue to grow within her new career at Doll The Lash Bar.